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Instructions for participants

Target group

  • Young stroke physicians and researchers in early stage of career interested in cerebrovascular diseases.

  • Currently in training in an European teaching hospital treating acute stroke patients.

  • Fluent in English.

  • ESO Member


A maximum of 40 participants, two applicants per country (max. three from the host country) and one applicant per site will be accepted. The expected benefit to the individual and to his/her stroke unit and country will be weighed.

How to apply ?


2 steps: 

       1. Application form

Interested applicants are requested to complete the application form :

Download here

2. Documents to attach*

*To ensure the proper functioning of the email address < > in your mailbox / contacts


Submit the following documents to < >

  1. Letter of motivation

  2. CV (max. 2 pages)

  3. Two letters of recommendation

  NEW: Application deadline extended to September 30th 2021   

 Important : candidates who applied for the initial date are asked to apply again with an       updated application form                                                                                                        

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